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FREE Shipping | Lowest Price Guarantee | Defect-Free Guarantee | Warranty on All Items

Puqpress Gen 5 Q2 - Automatic Coffee Tamper

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Color: Black
Portafilter Size: 58-58.3mm


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In the highly competitive coffee industry, achieving perfect coffee extraction is essential. Sophisticated grinders and espresso machines alone can't guarantee consistency and perfection. That's where the Puqpress automatic tamper comes in.

With unparalleled engineering and state-of-the-art design, the Puqpress ensures perfectly compressed coffee grounds and a precisely level tamp with every use. The Q2 Puqpress automatic coffee tamper utilizes precision technology to provide a consistent tamping experience for every cup of coffee.

Key Features

  • Pressure range of 22lbs to 66lbs, allowing you to adjust the pressure in 2.2lbs increments for consistent shots.
  • Offers various tamping profiles to suit your preferences, whether you need a slower flow rate for a Flat White or a faster tamp for a quicker workflow.
  • Designed for durability, capable of handling up to 1 million tamps, backed by a two-year warranty.
  • Features a new non-stick tamper finish, reducing coffee sticking to the tamper for easier cleaning.


  • Model: Puqpress Q2
  • Portafilter Compatibility: Suits 58-58.4mm baskets including VST. Compatible with all types of portafilters, all brands, single or double spouts.
  • Tamper Diameter: 58.3mm (customized, tolerance +/- 0.1mm), suits basket sizes ranging from 58mm to 58.5mm.
  • Tamper Shape: Flat bottom
  • Adjustable Pressure: 22lbs to 66lbs (2.2lbs increments)
  • Cycle Duration: 1.3 seconds
  • Lower Clamp Height: Adjustable height to suit different portafilters via hex key
  • Display: LCD display for pressure adjustment
  • Cleaning Setting: Available via one-touch LCD display
  • Warranty: 36-month parts warranty & 3 months labor warranty
  • Cable Length: 2.5-meter / 8.2 foot power cable
  • Power: 60 watts
  • Input Voltage: 110-230 Vac, 50-60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 125mm (L) x 150mm (W) x 220mm (H) / 4.92" (L) x 5.9" (W) x 8.66" (H)
  • Net Weight: 10.58lbs

Portafilter Size Chart

Portafilter Size Chart - Barista Equip

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