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FREE Shipping | Lowest Price Guarantee | Defect-Free Guarantee | Warranty on All Items

Puqpress Gen 5 M6 - Automatic Coffee Tamper for Mythos MY75, MY85, MYG75 and MYG85

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Color: Black
Portafilter Size: 58-58.3mm


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Upgrade your coffee workflow with the Puqpress M6, a precision tamper designed to seamlessly integrate with Mythos MY75, MY85, MYG75, and MYG85 grinders.

The Puqpress M6 offers a combined grind on-demand and precision tamping solution, ensuring perfectly compressed coffee grounds and a level tamp with every use. Its unparalleled engineering and state-of-the-art design guarantee consistent results and an enhanced coffee experience. 


  • Save counter space by placing your grinder on top of the M6 for easy and efficient coffee preparation.
  • With a two-year warranty, the M6 can handle up to 1 million tamps and beyond, providing long-lasting performance.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of different tamping profiles, whether you prefer a harder tamp for a slower flow rate or a faster workflow.
  • The new non-stick tamper finish reduces the amount of ground coffee sticking to the tamper, ensuring a clean and consistent tamp.


  • Net Weight: 5.2 kg
  • Dimensions: 37.5 cm x 19.5 cm x 13.8 cm
  • Input: 110 - 240V AC 50-60Hz
  • Power: 76 W
  • Plug Type: All
  • Cycle Duration: 1.3 seconds
  • Tamper Diameter: 53.0 - 58.3 mm
  • Portafilter Type: Compatible with all types of portafilters (Naked, Single Sprouts, and Double Sprouts)
  • Fine Adjustment Lower Damp: Yes
  • Force Adjustment: Yes
  • Available Colors: Matte Black, White
  • Certifications: CB, CE, cETLus, KTC, EAC, ETL Sanita

Portafilter Size Chart

 Portafilter Size Chart - Barista Equip

PUQpress M6 from Barista Technology on Vimeo.


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