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Mythos MY85 Coffee Grinder by Victoria Arduino

SKU MY85 - Black
by Mythos
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Color: Black


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Introducing the Mythos MY85, the latest addition to the Mythos grinder series by Victoria Arduino. This 2022 version offers precise dosing by time and is the perfect companion for the Puqpress M6 Gen 5 Automatic Coffee Tamper. Elevate your coffee brewing experience with this powerful and efficient grinder.


  • New Integrated Display: The smooth and responsive combination of the glass and touchscreen integrated display creates an intuitive and fluid control panel that is elegant, simple to adjust, and easy to clean.
  • Double Cooling Fan Technology: Victoria Arduino is the first to install two fans instead of one, and again the first to mount them both on the back. This provides for ideal airflow inside the grinding chamber. Counter space is a premium for cafes. If you need to use several grinders at the same time for different needs, now each grinder can be set side by side. A wall of excellence at your service.
  • Perfect Flow and Zero Waste: Today, Mythos further improves its clump crusher and outlet spout, by simplifying and reinforcing it to guarantee the perfect flow of ground coffee in the filter. The new filter-holder hook design sends ground coffee into the filter thus minimizing waste. Mythos native and patented technology that meets the needs of modern coffee professionals: maximum consistency, zero waste, and ease of maintenance.
  • Immediate Accessibility: Cleaning and maintenance operations are now more simple and more accessible. We have reduced the number of screws to access the heart of the machine and have improved direct visibility to the key functioning parts of Mythos.
  • The Lowest Temperature Tolerance Ever Achieved: Different coffees need different grinding temperatures. With Mythos Clima Pro, baristas can set grinding temperatures from 30 to 60°C in order to extract the greatest qualities of each type of coffee. For us, better control leads to better results.
  • High-Tech Programming: The gravimetric version has upgraded programming and built-in scale. These features create a much faster workflow for grinding and weighing coffee.
  • Tailored Granulometry: Easy and precise measurement of the distance between each burr allows baristas to manage each shot with more accuracy and an improved understanding of grind setting variables.


  • Hopper Capacity: 1.5kg
  • Burr Size: 85mm Titanium Flat Burr
  • Power: 650 Watts
  • Dimensions: (L) 195 mm x (W) 350 mm x (H) 475 mm
  • Weight: 24.5 kg

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