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KingsBottle -40°C~-86°C Ultra Low Temperature 108L Under Counter Biomedical Freezer

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Introducing the KBU-86L108 Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer - the pinnacle of storage technology for your valuable samples. With world-famous components imported from Germany and America, this freezer guarantees exceptional quality and reliability. The lifespan of the compressor and fan is increased by up to 20%, ensuring long-term performance you can trust.

Designed with intelligence in mind, the KBU-86L108 offers super sample storage capacity, accommodating a whopping 9,000 vials (2ml) - the largest in the industry. Say goodbye to space constraints and hello to organized storage that keeps your samples easily accessible.

Equipped with multifunction alarms, this freezer provides comprehensive protection for your samples. Be alerted to high or low temperatures, sensor errors, power failures, high ambient temperatures, ajar doors, open doors, and low battery levels. With these advanced alarms, you can rest assured that your samples are kept under optimal conditions.

Maintaining superior temperature uniformity is crucial to minimize the risk of sample degradation caused by temperature fluctuations. The KBU-86L108 excels in this aspect, ensuring consistent and stable temperature control throughout the cabinet. Your samples are safeguarded from harm, preserving their integrity and viability.

Time is of the essence when it comes to freezing samples, and the KBU-86L108 delivers exceptional performance. With an average pull-down time of just three hours to reach an impressive -81℃ at a 25℃ ambient temperature, this freezer is designed for efficiency and sample protection. The faster pull-down time reduces the risk of sample damage and ensures their preservation.

This patented LBA forming technology takes storage efficiency to new heights. By utilizing the highest density cabinet formation agent, this freezer increases space utilization by 10%. Maximize your storage capacity and make the most of the available space in your laboratory.

Experience unparalleled storage capabilities, unrivaled reliability, and state-of-the-art features with the KBU-86L108 Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer. Safeguard your invaluable samples and gain peace of mind for all your research and medical endeavors. Invest in excellence and elevate your storage solutions to the next level.

-40°C~-86°C Ultra Low Temperature 108L Under Counter Biomedical Freezer


    1. World-famous Components: The MD-86L108 is equipped with a top brand SECOP compressor. This ensures top-notch quality and extends the lifespan of the components by up to 20%. Experience unparalleled reliability and longevity.

    2. Multifunction Alarms: Rest easy knowing that your samples are constantly monitored and protected. The MD-86L108 comes with a range of multifunction alarms including high and low temperature alerts, sensor error detection, power failure notification, high ambient temperature warning, door ajar and door open alarms, as well as a low battery alarm. Stay informed and take immediate action if any abnormalities occur.

    3. Superior Temperature Uniformity: The risk of sample degradation caused by temperature fluctuations is significantly reduced with the MD-86L108. Experience exceptional temperature uniformity throughout the freezer, ensuring stable and consistent conditions for your valuable samples. Preserve their integrity and quality with precise temperature control.

    4. Fast Cabinet Pull Down: Time is of the essence when it comes to freezing samples, and the MD-86L108 delivers remarkable performance. On average, it takes just three hours to reach an impressive -81℃ at a 25℃ ambient temperature. The faster pull-down time ensures the samples are quickly brought to the desired temperature, minimizing the potential for damage and ensuring their safe preservation.

    5. Patented LBA Forming Technology: Midea Biomedical's patented LBA forming technology sets the MD-86L108 apart from the rest. By utilizing a unique forming agent, this freezer achieves the highest density cabinet in its class. As a result, the space utilization is increased by 10%, maximizing the storage capacity within the limited laboratory space.

    Scope of Application

    Suitable for use in scientific research, cryogenic test on special materials, blood plasma cryopreservation, low-temperature resistance test on biological materials, vaccines, biological products, and military products, etc. Suitable for use in research institutions, the electronic industry, the chemical industry, hospitals, the health & disease prevention system, laboratories in colleges & universities, etc.

    • Storage Volume: 108L
    • Climate Class: N
    • Temperature Range: -40℃ to -86℃
    • Cooling System: Auto-cascade
    • Cooling Type: Direct cooling
    • Voltage/Frequency: 110V/60Hz
    • Cabinet Type: Upright
    • Defrost Mode: Manual
    • Dimensions
    • View Technical Specs
      • Interior Dimensions: 17.32"W 17.13"D 23.23"H
      • Product Dimensions: 37.6"W 26.57"D 32.09"H

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