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Gas vs Electric Commercial Convection Ovens

If you operate a commercial kitchen, then having the correct equipment is of prime importance. When it comes to ovens specifically, two of the most popular options are gas and electric convection ovens.

In this article we will thoroughly examine both types of ovens in order to compare their features side by side; topics such as cost-efficiency, energy efficiency, performance and reliability included!

If you want an educated decision about what type works best for your business' needs - let's not waste any time and get started now!


When it comes to gas and electric commercial convection ovens, there are several key differences to consider.

The most obvious one is cost. On average, a basic gas convection ovens will be more expensive than an electric one of comparable size and features. The initial cost of installation can also be higher with a gas oven, due to the need for more complex connections.

It's essential to take the long-term cost of running ovens into consideration. Gas models typically use less energy and can save you money in the long run on utility bills compared to electric ones. Not only that, gas ovens have a tendency to heat up faster than electric ones so cooking times are significantly reduced.


When it comes to performance, gas ovens provide better temperature control and more even, consistent heat. This makes them ideal for baking delicate pastries, such as meringues or soufflés, where precision is key. In contrast to gas ovens, electric ovens can heat up to higher temperatures, making them ideal for roasting and broiling.


Finally, when it comes to reliability, both types of ovens are generally reliable. However, gas ovens may require more frequent maintenance due to their combustion systems. Electric ovens tend to require less routine upkeep and can last longer with proper care.

Who Should Choose a Gas Convection Oven?

Those who need precise temperature control and consistent, even heat should choose a gas convection oven. Perfectly bake meringues or souffles with this type of oven, and save money in the long run on your energy bills.

Who Should Choose an Electric Convection Oven?

If you're searching for a kitchen appliance that can heat up quickly and maintain high temperatures, an electric convection oven is the obvious selection. It's especially great for grilling, roasting, or broiling since it surpasses gas ovens in terms of temperature capabilities.

An electric convection oven also requires less routine maintenance compared to a gas model, making it a more cost-efficient choice in the long run.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, when deciding between a gas and electric convection oven for your commercial kitchen, it’s important to consider cost, performance, reliability and the type of cooking you plan on doing.

Gas models are better suited for baking delicate pastries due to their precise temperature control while electric ones can reach higher temperatures making them suitable for roasting or broiling.

Ultimately, both types of ovens can be reliable with proper care so its best to make an informed decision based on what works best in your kitchen.

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Our expert staff is also available if you have any questions about which model would work best for your needs.

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